MHFC Membership Agreement
PLEASE READ our Cooperative Community values:

Mama's Hip Family Cooperative (MHFC) is a cooperative community of families and a hub of groups, classes, resources, and connections.

MHFC exists to ease the journey of parenting young children by connecting families to one another and filling in the gaps between existing systems of support. We offer resources for families in our cooperative and the broader community. We actively work for justice to make the world a safer place for all families.

MHFC is an alternative business model that allows people's needs and resources to fulfill one another in ways that do not have to involve capital. We work together believing that when all of us give what we can, our community has what it needs.

MHFC is committed to actively becoming an anti-racist, multicultural organization. We hold ourselves accountable to oppressed communities represented by local organizations and initiatives.

MHFC is a Sanctuary Community. All families are safe and welcome here.

MHFC envisions a local community of families that have their needs met, in which adults and children can lead healthy, happy lives.

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BY SUBMITTING THIS ONLINE FORM, our family affirms the mission of the Mama's Hip Family Cooperative.

We agree to participate as members of the MHFC in ways that serve our family and this community.

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