Marked by Memories
Our lives are shaped by countless memories that guide us throughout our lifetime. From the simplicity of a loved ones’ smile to the intricate beauty of time spent in nature, we are shaped and molded by memories of our past.  We are all MARKED BY MEMORIES on our journey through life. How better to honor those loved ones we have lost and our cherished memories than by memorializing them in stone.

Let your memories be etched in stones that will last a lifetime! The MEMORIAL GARDEN AT ST. PAUL’S is an outdoor memorial which allows family members to be close to, visit or view their paver at any time. Each paver is precision laser etched to ensure the highest quality and beauty and will live on as a lasting tribute to your loved one.

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The Memorial Garden at St. Paul's Church
Brick Selection
The MEMORIAL GARDEN AT ST. PAUL’S offers three different sizes of brick pavers, 6”x6”, 6”x12” and 12”x12”. The pavers have already been installed and will be etched on an ongoing basis. Once your paver has been ordered you will receive a certificate, which includes a copy of your brick’s lettering, along with an installation date.

Your laser engraved brick paver will be a thoughtful testament for future generations and a lasting legacy to those you honor.

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Engraving your Paver
Please note that spaces in the text count towards the total character count. You will receive an email or phone confirmation of the wording and layout of your brick paver.

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Yearly Commemoration
A yearly ceremony will commemorate those memorialized in the garden on the first Sunday in November, All Saints Day.
Would you like your loved one included in the yearly commemoration?
Marked by Memories the Memorial Garden at St. Paul
You will receive an email or phone confirmation of your brick paver once it has been submitted.
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