NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative
We've created a six question survey to gauge interest in a NYC Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC), where member-owners' investments are used to purchase buildings and land that will be used by cooperatives and local businesses, as decided by members. We're inspired by this story and many others:

The REIC leverages member-owners’ investments to purchase properties and to make improvements in properties it owns. Consistent with the principles and spirit of the cooperative movement, the REIC makes long-term, stabilizing, and transformative investments for the mutual benefit of our members and our community.

Prompted by interest on a FB thread, this survey was started on March 3rd and this exploration is currently being convened by Paula Z. Segal of and Caroline Woolard of,,, and After 200 members in NYC joined our REIC on April 28th, we began facilitating a process to form a core group and working groups to will this initiative forward. Feel free to email us! carolinewoolard at gmail dot com and paula at 596acres dot org.

Our first REIC member meeting will be on Thursday, May 28th, from 6-8:30pm (location TBD). Please RSVP to info [at] nyctbd [dot] com so we know you are coming, and spread the word about the event! See more at:

Are you able and willing to purchase a membership share for $10?
The cooperative is structured as one member, one vote.
Are you able and willing to purchase a membership share for $1000?
If 1400 people can give $1000, we can buy a $1.4M building!
Are you able and willing to add an additional investment?
This is not required for membership, and does not increase your voting power.
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