Budd Bay Rugby - Adult Payment Plan Agreement
If you would like to enjoy the convenience of a payment plan, simply complete the information section below and sign the form. All requested information is required. Upon approval, and following your initial payment, you will be a full member of Budd Bay Rugby. Your account will remain in good standing provided you adhere to the agreed upon payment schedule. Failure to adhere to the agreed upon payment schedule, without written approval by the Club, will result in forfeiture of your club privileges, including training and game play, and funds paid to date (no refunds).
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Payment Plan Options
Full Season Membership Dues: $320.00 After January 1, Membership Dues: $220.00
Down Payment: $100.00 Down Payment: $100.00
Number of additional payments: 5 Number of additional payments: 3
Installment Payment: $44.00 Installment Payment: $40.00
Processing Fees: $3.00/payment Processing Fees: $3.00/payment
Each payment: $47.00 Each payment: $43.00
Total Payment: $335.00 Total Payment: $229.00
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I promise...
I promise to pay the full amount described above for my membership to Budd Bay Rugby, including member dues and the associated processing fees. I understand that the initial payment of $100.00 is due upon registration for my player account to be active. Subsequent installments in the amount selected above will be paid on the same day of each succeeding month until the entire amount has been paid in full. I further understand that failure to pay as promised will result in suspension of club membership, including training and selection for game play. All monies paid to Budd Bay Rugby will be applied against the total amount owed. No refunds will be given for any reason.

My failure to make payments will result in suspension of my member account and player privileges, and may result in further collection action for unpaid accounts.

By typing my name below, I certify that I have read and fully understand the conditions and terms of this agreement as stated herein.
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