2017 Private Lessons

DATES: January 7 - December 13, 2017

RANGE: 10203 OLD Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78748
MAILING: Archery Training Center, Inc., PO Box 93216, Austin, TX 78709
E-MAIL: archerytrainingcenteraustin@gmail.com

PHONE + TEXT: 512 975 1850

AGES: 8 - 80 years old
DISTANCES: 5m in center area; 9m-18m in range
COACHES: USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach Racae Meyer (Recurves) - $45/hr **
~~~~> ** on vacation till Thanksgiving <~~~~
USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach Dan Zinn (Compounds) - $45/hr
USA Archery Level 2 Instructor Amariah Benson (Recurves) - $30/hr
DAYS/TIMES Listed in the form below.

APRIL 15/16: Easter Weekend
MAY 14: Mother's Day
MAY 29-JUNE 24 : Private Event, Range Closed
JUNE 18: Father's Day
JULY 1-4: 4th of July Weekend
NOV 21-26: Thanksgiving
DEC 14, 2017-JAN 5, 2018, Christmas/New Year's Vacation
Additional days may be included as the year progresses.

Beginners thru Advanced archers (Indoor 2-5), juniors, parents, and adults.

If you are just starting, an Indoor 1: First-time Group Class (2.5 hrs; $25/archer) would be more appropriate and less expensive: http://www.archerytrainingcenter.com/sign-up

We provide all equipment necessary indefinitely at no extra charge. (Recurve bow, 3 arrows, armguard, finger tab, target)
When you are ready to order your own equipment, we pace and specify what you need and help you order it, so you buy the correct equipment for your strength and experience. Generally, we do not recommend anyone buys equipment before they have been with us for at least 8 hours.
You can bring your own equipment.

The main focus during the private lessons is explaining, demonstrating, and teaching you to be in the correct positions (form, not scoring), so that you can reproduce each shot with increasing accuracy. We teach the National Training System (NTS), which is a biomechanically efficient shooting technique continuously researched, developed, and improved at the Olympic Training Center under the guidance of US National Coach KiSik Lee, and practiced by US Olympic archers.

(4+ archers are considered a group, not a private lesson.)
RECURVE bows :
$45 for 1 archer
$80 for 2 archers
$115 for 3 archers

$40 for 1 archer
$70 for 2 archers
$100 for 3 archers

At our Indoor Range at 10203 Old Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78748
Your private lesson will be in the center area at 5m if the range is occupied by a regular class.
If you prefer to be in the range at 9m-18m,
please look at the calendar to select a 1.5-hr time slot on either side of existing classes when the range will be available: http://www.archerytrainingcenter.com/calendar

Parents please note we are part of the US Olympic Committee's Safe Sport program, so we minimally require one other adult besides the instructor to be present at all times. Please plan to stay with your child or take turns with other parents staying whenever necessary to fulfill this requirement. THANKS!

You'll need to fill out, sign, and return the Membership, Liability, Photo, Medical, and Supervision Releases available in the range before entering the range for your first lesson.

E-mail us at racae@archerytrainingcenter.com or
Call us at 512 436 8813

*NTS = National Training System
*JOAD = Junior Olympic Archery Development

First and Last Name(s) of all Archer(s) + Age(s) of Junior Archers *
Ages: 8-80 ! Just list everyone who will be shooting; for example, John Smith, dad; Jim Smith, 8; Sally Jones, adult
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E-mail *
If you are the organizer, please give your name.
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Cell phone *
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How long have you been shooting? *
What style of archery do you want to be trained in? *
We coach Olympic target archery, which is about shooting lots of arrows extremely accurately at a paper target at a fixed distance. We do not instruct in bowhunting, field, 3-D, or traditional archery. If you are interested in styles other than Olympic target archery, we can recommend other places to you.
How many people will be taking the private lesson? *
If there are more than 3 people, it is considered a group lesson. (You'll need to register for an Indoor 1: First-time Class at http://archerytrainingcenter.com/sign-up or register for Group Class fill out the Group form on the website.
Who would you like to take the lesson from? *
How long would you like your private lesson to be? *
(Hourly fees above apply.) You can select up to 3 hours for a private lesson. Recommended time: Beginners (Indoor 2): 1 hr; Intermediates (Indoor 3): 1-2 hrs; Advanced (Indoor 4/5): 1-3 hrs
What DAY(s) and TIME(s) would be good for you? *
You can select multiple preferred times, and we'll confirm by e-mail. Compound private lessons are arranged separately. The following times are available unless previously booked or when the instructor/coach is not available. After you have checked the website calendar for a time adjacent to already scheduled classes, you can suggest a time or select a time below. The date and time will be confirmed.
If none of the TIMES are good for you, what time would you like?
Before giving us a time, please look at our website's calendar and find one or two open 1.5-hr time slots that are before or after an already scheduled class.
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What DATES would you prefer? *
Example: 1st choice: Oct 11; 2nd choice: Oct 18; 3rd choice: Oct. 19
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What is your total fee? *
Above hourly rate x no. of hours = total fee
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How will you be paying your fee in advance? *
If you are mailing your check, when can we expect to receive it?
Mailing address: Archery Training Center, Inc., PO Box 93216, Austin, TX 78709
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Is there anything that you would like to tell us so we can make your private lesson more effective?
It is very important and helpful for us to know before the private lesson the name of the archer and any previous archery experience/training (including previous coach's name, if applicable) together with any medical, physical, mental, emotional, sensory, attention, language or learning challenges or strengths the archer may have, so that we can coach more appropriately.
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If you're an experienced archer, where, when, and with whom (coach) did you shoot?
The more you can tell us, the better we can tailor your private lessons to you.
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