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An update on M25 and Atlanta
Where I'm leaning in our next steps and information on those decisions 
Questions for you to vote on and give feedback! 

This form is EXTREMELY important so PLEASE take this chance to research and give feedback! 
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Are we going to Atlanta through M25? 
Short answer: no. 
Longer answer: After many, many people expressed interest in returning to Atlanta, Georgia with M25, I sought out information and came up really short. Their website and Facebook page have become completely inactive and I could not find any way of contacting them through either site. I reached out to a personal friend who worked for M25 last summer and he reached out to his supervisors, only to not get a response either. I have tried many times to go back and search, only to find the same dead websites. After some of the snafus last year, I really wanted a well-organized and put-together trip for our youth and it appears M25 isn't there post-Covid.  
I don't want to go on the mission trip anymore if it's not M25...
Hey- I hear you. M25 holds a very special place in my heart and I tried my hardest to get us there. That being said, I thought about what M25 does best- connect us to our group and others through community service- and I began my hunt for another program that offers something similar!! 
Did you find anything?
Yes I did! I came across Group Mission Trips. They offer "Week of Hope" mission trips which are mission trips based on community service projects. One city they offer this trip in is Pittsburgh, PA, which isn't too far! 
I want more information on Group Mission Trips! 
Sure thing! 
Group Mission Trips value spiritual growth, authentic relationships, sustainability and long-term partnerships, and investing in the next generation. 

Their 2024 theme is "Influencer," where in devos and programs, we will dive into influencers and social media, as well as learning to turn to the number 1 influencer, Jesus! 

Their pricing is very comparable to other mission trips and we would ask a $50 registration fee to help cover those costs! 

Last Summer, some of our youth and chaperones were able to split the week but Group Mission Trips does NOT allow half-weeks! I'm sorry to our half-weekers! 

Some examples of what we might be doing: 
Assist in a local food bank
Provide meals for the homeless
Help lead a day camp for kids of low-income households
Help in assisted living
General yard work and light home repairs
Volunteer with local nonprofits and community centers
Tutor children in an afterschool program 

What a typical day would look like: 
6:45// wake-up
7:00// Enjoy the provided hot breakfast
8:00// Morning program
8:30// Depart for projects
12:00// Onsite lunch and devo
3:30// Return to lodging
5:00// Dinner
7:30// Evening program
8:30// Youth group/small group devos
9:30// Free time
11:00// Lights out 

What's included with our registration: 
All meals, except dinner on our free night
On-site staff
Community service certificate
Project site coordination
Morning and evening programs with scripture-based teaching and youth group devos 
Lunchtime devos with staff
T-shirts (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Participant devo for the week

Other advertised fun: 
Themed days
Movie nights
Lip-sync battle
Bedtime stories
Group games
And more!! 

Want more info? Here is a link to thier digital catalog, which has more in-depth videos and information! 
Catalog link: https://groupmissiontrips.com/youth-mission-trips/confirmation?token=SDJ2aDEpfPgZQpwh-ovN6Id9c5SUkVUFITrM-C-ZJ-A
What do you say?!  *
No matter how you voted on the question above, I need to know your availabilty!! I'm leaning towards June 23-28 but I need feedback!  *
Thank you for reading along!! 
If you have any questions, please email or text me at (540) 810-6691!!! 
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