What's stopping you from finding love?
About you, your dating, your relationships, & your love-life

These questions may help you start to understand your love-life.
You do not have to complete all the questions. Please complete as much or as little as your time and interest allows.

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Shelley Treacher MA Couns Psych BACP accred
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About you: Tell me about your life right now (the details; Do you live alone? What's your job? Were you married? Do you have kids? Pets?)
What does your typical day look like?
What are your favourite parts about your life?
What interests you on social media/ what groups are you a member of?
About your lovelife: Tell me your story. What's your experience of relationships so far?
What has dating been like for you?
Describe one of your best dating experiences
Describe one of your worst dating experiences
When do you feel the sting of being single the most?
Are there patterns that seem to repeat for you in relationship/ dating? If yes, please describe the pattern
Tick as many as apply
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Briefly, what was your childhood like? What, if any, incidents in your past, may have contributed to your patterns in relationship?
Describe your ideal dating experience
Describe your ideal partner and relationship
Do you feel you have love in your life?
What do you appreciate about your life?
About your current support for dealing with dating and relationship: Who or what do you currently, or have you ever used, for support in this area?
What’s working for you now? What do you like about it?
About the future: How important is this for you to handle right now?
What would get better in your life if your lovelife was a non-issue?
About how to help you: Have you ever paid for a product or service to help with your dating or relationship situation?
If not, what has stopped you?
If yes, what did you like best about it?
What do you wish companies/programmes understood about you to be able to help you?
Would you pay for a programme designed to help you with your lovelife?
Clear selection
If yes, how would you like this to be taught? (Tick as many as apply)
If I could wave a magic wand, and your lovelife was sorted, what would your life look and feel like?
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