EXPECTOCON 2 Vendor Application
ExpectoCon - June 12-14, 2020 - Middleton, WI - Organized by Vector Art House, LLC
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Thank you for your interest in being a part of the wizarding world of ExpectoCon!
In traditional immersive fashion, ExpectoCon will be celebrating the theme, stories, and characters that make this a true
Wizarding adventure. Over the years, our company Vector Art House has grown and have become well known in the immersive
story area. ExpectoCon does things differently than others so before submitting this form, let’s go over a few things that make ExpectoCon the convention that it is.

As a vendor/merchant you are a part of the story -- that’s right, you become a part of the experience that is ExpectoCon. Perhaps you make candles and wall art or you sell unique collectibles. Everyone in the dealers hall becomes part of what the story is. You will be a part of the “ExpectoCon Castle Store”: a part of the school where students can buy sundries and things they need while going to school.

As a dealer, you are expected to interact with the attendees as best as you can. From a simple greeting of welcome, to a more character-driven selling story that allows your products and art to take on a story of their own. The more you become a part of the story, the better experience you will be delivering to the fans. It is proven that in an immersive environment, the more you portray yourself as a part of the story, your sales tend to increase as well. People love to have the experience throughout the convention, even in the dealers room. We also ask that the majority of your items are from the world of wizard and witches and are related to this genre.
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