Act: Speak: Inspire Application 2019
A unique interfaith and intercultural leadership programme that offers a chance to take action on one of the most pressing issues of our times.
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What is important to you about being an ally to refugees and asylum seekers? What motivates you to join the programme? *
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Act: Speak: Inspire takes place on various dates between 20 September and 7 December 2019. Priority will be given to participants who can take part on all the dates. Please indicate your availability for each. *
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St Ethelburga's Centre, Training I= 20 September evening, 21 - 22 September 10am-5pm
St Ethelburga's Centre, Training II = 26 October 10am-5pm
Calais, France, volunteering = 4 - 8 November inclusive
St Ethelburga's Centre, Training III = 16 November, 10am-5pm
Your 'Action@Home' in your community = 17 November to 6 December
St Ethelburga's Centre - Celebration event = 7 December 10am-3pm
Volunteering in a humanitarian setting can be challenging. Please tell us about any concerns you have about volunteering in Calais. *
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What kind of support systems do you have around you? What would you expect from St Ethelburga's? *
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Between 17 November and 6 December you will be sharing your volunteering story through your "Action@Home". This is a single event, drawing together people from across your networks. Please tell us your experience of speaking in public and of an event you have created or organised (you will have support with this if you don't yet have this experience). *
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Do you have a valid passport or, if not a UK passport holder, do you need a visa to visit France? UK Passport holders check here: Non-UK passport holders please check with the French consulate:
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Thank you applying to our Act: Speak: Inspire programme! We have 12 places available with core costs of volunteering in Calais covered by a grant. We will be in touch shortly.
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