The SAOR Consultancy | Fitness Business Beep Test
This simple test has been designed to put you and your business through its paces. Much like a normal 'beep test' some will fall off early but stick with this test to help increase your businesses 'fitness' or success levels. In total this will take no more than 5 minutes to answer this 20 QUESTION TEST. BUT it will provide you an immense sense of clarity and give you a chance to move your business forward based on some simple lines of questioning.
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You're on the path to Freedom...
A genuine moment for you to pause and take stock of what is currently happening in your business.
How would you rate the overall 'fitness' or success of your business? *
Not taking off as planned
Going great now just fine tuning!
Please pick one of the below which best suits your business, we are/I am a... *
How many hours per week do you dedicate to 'Working on the business' (Business growth/development)? *
What has been the biggest thing in your opinion that has stopped you from progressing your business? *
What type of prospecting system do you now use for your business? *
How many members or clients do you have now (active and paying)?
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Which areas do you seek the most guidance? (Please select two most prominent only) *
Explain your business goals in a short paragraph. Be specific, be clear and be real! *
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How much COULD your business turnover per annum if you hit your business goals? *
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What timeframe do you have in mind for hitting your business goal above? *
How often do you delight your clients? *
Where do the majority of your members/clients or member enquiries come from? (What lead source) *
How busy are you now in relation to what your perceived capacity is? Is your member base/client base nearly full or barely started? *
Not yet opened our doors to clients
At full capacity, now looking at new ways to use space.
It is in this area that most businesses seem to stagger and it makes sense in this industry. People get into the fitness/health space to help people, not to sell stuff! We get it. But in order to help people you must be able to sell your product or service with an understanding of sales psychology, sales systems and a sales mindset. That's where we come in for many vendors.

The 'S' Word can be very scary for some owners but sales is simply sharing your healthy business model with more people!
When it comes to the Sales process what do you do now? *
How do you deal with sales based 'objections'? (eg. Oh I just want to check it out & I'll let you know) *
How many leads do you now get on a monthly basis (consistently)? *
Of all your leads, how many do you close per month on average as a percentage of total leads (Close ratio)? *
How many team members is your business sales team made up of? *
What would you say is the reason people Join your business? *
Which of these do you find the hardest to overcome from a sales objection standpoint? *
Are you interested in securing your business growth with some Business Expansion Support? *
Have you ever received any business support before from an external body? (We consider ourselves Business Expansion Consultants) *
If you could achieve your business goals listed above what would it mean for you? *
Are you ready to try something different?
At SAOR Consultancy we only work with fitness business operators who want to strive for brilliance. Operators who know what they want and are willing to do what it takes to get it done. We work with fitness industry leaders who are coachable, hardworking and seeking growth in their business/personal life. Outside of that SAOR may not fit with you nor you with us. We know that to have great results, you must first have a great relationship. On the above, ask yourself do you have those traits mentioned and are you interested in smashing your business goals that you just listed.

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