District Convention 2020: Sweet Dreams CNH TALENT SHOW EMCEE Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Talent Show Master of Ceremonies (Emcee). We expect that the Emcee(S) will lead the Talent Show along with the Talent Show Chair and another person so that there will be three people altogether.

Emcee(s) Qualifications, Duties,and Expectations:
-The Emcee(s) must be dues-paid CKI members attending DCON 2020, and available for rehearsal Friday night.
-The Emcee(s) work with Talent Show Chair to create a script (theme incorporation).
-The Emcee(s) will need to complete assigned part on time following the chair's timeline for the rough drafts and final draft of the script.
-The Emcee(s) must be comfortable in front of a large crowd (hyping them up, etc.).
-The Emcee(s) must be able to engage with the audience ("think on your feet").
-The Emcee (s) must have a flexible schedule for preparation leading up to DCON and during DCON.
-The Emcee(s) must able to maintain good communication via Facebook messenger, email (etc.) with the Talent Show Chair.
-The Emcee(s) will be expected to attend online meetings prior to DCON and in-person meetings at DCON.

*Form will be closed February 3, 2020.

Again, this serves as in interest form and does not guarantee anything. If chosen, you will be contacted by me. Thank you and I look forward to working with you to make the Talent Show the best dream yet! :)

Yours in Service,
Kathy Tran
District Convention Talent Show Chair
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