DP Fanseries Team Agreement
If you are considered for the position, you are to comply with the following rules:

- You will be recommended to research the lore of Dinosaur Planet (Which the team is quite familiar with, so they will be able to help)

- You will fully acknowledge that this project is completely non-profit, therefore there will be no salaries paid and that this is volunteer work.

- You will be required to check in with the team once every week once you are assigned work.

- You will conduct yourself professionally. Keep drama to a minimum.

- You understand that this will require a large amount of effort and dedication to finish.

- You will keep any and all political/religious discourse to yourself.

- Any work you submit to the project is to then agree to grant full rights of said work to the project, regardless of the original creative parties working status with the crew. You will be properly credited for your work unless you decline to be.

Failure to follow these rules will result in termination from the project.

Do you accept these terms? *
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