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Each vote is important, and we want as much voters as possible in order to have fair and objective results.

We would like to use this occasion to remind you about the importance to support artists, labels and festivals.
If you follow the story many labels and artists are stopped their activity. One of this examples is Androcell. Please be wise and support the one who you think deserves it. It can be a simple social "share" or mention in your friend circle. Let's support each other


•☀ 2020 - Best of the year nominations ☀•

• Label of the year
• Best festival experience of 2019
• Best festival experience of all time from the point of view of chillout music and atmosphere
• Best new artist (for 2019)
• Favorite downtempo/ambient dj (s)
• Favorite psy radio(s)
• Favorite youtube (s)
• Album of the year
• EP of the year
• Remix Album / EP
• Compilation of the year


•☀ Duration of poll ☀•

- Votes are open for 1 month from 17/01/2020 till 17/02/2020
- Results will be announced one week after the end, approximately on the end of February via a post on site.


•☀ Please help us to get us much participants as possible ☀•

- We would like to have as many participants as possible for the more objective and REAL results, so make sure you invite your friends to participate.

- Only 1 vote per person, please. We will not take in consideration multiple votes from same IP adress. Play fair.

- If you made a vote and want to change it, please vote a second time and contact us to delete previous vote.


•☀ Privacy of your private information ☀•

- Your name and email will not be published publicly and will not be shared with third parties.
- Please make sure to use valid email, otherwise your vote will not be taken into consideration.
- We will send you an email to verify the validity of your email address.


•☀ would like to ask you for support ☀•

if you can help us to pay expenses with a small one time or regular donation that's would be super kind of you. We receive only 60 euros of donations per month and don't show advertisement. Our patrons receive regularly free and legal music downloads.

• patreon for monthly donations =>
• paypal / visa =>


•☀ Questions ? ☀•

- If you have any comments or questions please contact us or


SPECIAL MENTIONS : project idea by Gagarin Project, with a support of timeisart, Trala Lama and Fuluf.Big Thanks to ChromaKala and Olga for graphic work. Mentions to regular helpers : Giel "alchemist" , Sacha "Jedi's Chillout", Melissa and Andrii.
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