Life Insurance Survey
The TOLI Center East and OC Consulting Group have jointly engaged for the purpose of obtaining public opinion regarding life insurance. We appreciate your participation in this 12 question survey that should take only a couple minutes to complete.

Your answers will be invaluable to the tens of thousands of advisors who will read the published results in various legal and accounting journals in the coming months. As a participant you will receive a copy of the Spring 2019 New York State Bar Association article with the results and well as an opportunity to discuss with us any aspects of the survey.

When answering, please do so as a policy owner. If you are an advisor, we'd appreciate your perspective by also answering the last question. You do not need to answer every question to submit the survey. If the provided answers do not apply or if you want to expand by typing your thoughts, comments or questions, please use the "other" option. Finally, since we are looking for as many responses as possible, please feel free to forward this to your clients, associates and friends.
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On a scale of 1 - 10, how well do you think you understand your life insurance policy(s)?
What kind of life insurance do you have?
For other than Term Insurance, if you pay your insurance bill in full and on time do you believe that your coverage will remain in force for the rest of your life?
Are you aware that most policies are affected by interest rates or stock market returns and will perform differently than originally shown at purchase.
Did you know more than half of life insurance policies are non-guaranteed and approximately 25% are expiring prematurely?
How long do you think that your life insurance will last? How do you know?
Your answer
Are you aware that life insurance can be used for lifetime benefits like retirement or paying for long term care costs?
I pay as close attention to my life insurance as I do my investments.
When was last time you met with your agent or an independent broker?
My agent has specifically informed me that my policy is performing as planned or has let me know that it is not and I need to make changes.
Have you reviewed an in-force ledger for your policy from your insurer in the last 5 years?
As a professional advisor, please offer your thoughts on how well you feel your clients, in general, understand their life insurance.
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