2020-2021 "Facts for Parents" Universal Form
After reading through the 2020-2021 "Facts for Parents" booklet, please complete this brief questionnaire. Please complete ONE questionnaire per child. Thank you!
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DISCRIMINATION, HARASSMENT, INTIMIDATION, & BULLYING POLICIES (Facts for Parents: Section B): By checking each square and signing below, I acknowledge the following: *
PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO/MEDIA RELEASE: During the school year, schools host events where representatives of the news media may be on campus to gather photographs and/or video footage. In addition, parents and students may take photos of events in classrooms or around schools. These photos may be posted on the internet, on social media or otherwise distributed without the permission of the school. Your child’s participation in these events is valued, and parent permission is needed to include him or her in events where photography may take place. Parents/Guardians who prefer that their child not be photographed or video recorded must notify their school by using this form. Schools make every effort to ensure the wishes of the parent/guardian. PARENTS OR GUARDIANS: Indicate your level of permission OR use the last checkbox to opt out completely. *
UNIFORM DISCIPLINE PLAN (Facts for Parents: Section C) *
HEALTH REQUIREMENTS (Facts for Parents: Section D): California law requires that parents/guardians of each pupil acknowledge having been informed of their rights as explained in “Health Requirements” in Facts for Parents. *
TECHNOLOGY/NETWORK USE GUIDELINES (Facts for Parents: Section K): The “Network Use Guidelines” for San Diego Unified School District is a contract and must be signed by students and parent/guardians before the student is given access to technology, the internet and other San Diego Unified networks. *
SIGNATURES: By completing the sections above and typing your names below, I the student, and I the parent, have read, understand and acknowledge the policies and rights outlined above and described in detail in the Facts for Parents booklet. In lieu of signatures, please type your name and your child's name in the box below (please fill out ONE of these questionnaires per child). *
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