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The State of New Jersey’s Technology Standards state that by the end of the 8th grade, students should be able to use a variety of digital resources and tools to communicate and collaborate with peers, family and/or school personnel. The ability to use email and other online communication tools are valuable skills in today’s world for purposes relating to education and the workplace.
Quinton Township School has recently set up Google Apps for Education under the domain and will utilize a Google Apps for Education Program for students who are in grades K-8 each school year. As part of this program Quinton Township School has created accounts and passwords for all students in grades K-8 to allow for collaborative sharing using Google Apps for Education, which could include the use of Google Docs/Drive, Blogger, Google Calendar, iGoogle, and more. These accounts will be used for school-related projects, and the instructor and school administration will maintain the right to monitor the account.

Accidents happen and we know that. However, all damages to any school property have a cost associated with it, whether it be technology, textbook, calculator, instrument, etc. Damages to the Chromebook or carrying case will result in a cost and charge to your student’s account.
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