Community Colors for Content Creators
Thank you for being a Brawlhalla Content Creator! Your work is appreciated. Remember, you have permission to monetize your Brawlhalla videos and use any graphical assets related to the game.

Please fill out the information below. Your request will be responded to in the order it was received. Please allow up to a week for an emailed response for an approved request. Denied requests may not receive a response.

You may submit separate requests for YouTube and Twitch if you create content on both platforms.

Disclaimer: We provide Community Colors to active members of the Brawlhalla Community. They're not there to provide a launching platform for your channel or to reinvigorate your channel after being away for several months. Below are the base guidelines for requesting Community Colors as a content creator. Meeting these requirements means that we will look into your request, not grant it automatically.
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