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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form! All this information will help me be the best teacher I can for your 4th Grader!
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Your Child's Name
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What personality traits do you see in your child?
What are your child's non academic strengths?
What are your child's non academic challenges?
What are your child's interests/hobbies/talents?
What makes your child upset or afraid? (situations, topics, etc)
What academic areas or educational activities does your child enjoy?
What social growth would you like to see your child make progress in this year?
Is there any family background that would be helpful for me to know?
What did your child's previous teacher(s) do very effectively for your child?
What are some concerns you or your child have about 4th Grade?
What are some routines you have for your child before or after school? (child care, sports, clubs, etc)
What motivates your child?
What was something your child was successful at last school year?
What was difficult for your child last school year?
How would you rate your child's attitude towards school?
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How would you rate your child's sense of responsibility?
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Has your child struggled to complete homework or classwork in the past?
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As a parent/guardian, are you interested in volunteering in any of the following activities? Check all that apply:
Do you have any professional or personal knowledge you'd like to share with the class that relates to our curriculum? Would you be interested in speaking about it?
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