CDM Open Source Music Hardware Survey
We're taking a look at "open" hardware for music to get a better sense of what's available. If you make - or use - hardware that's open source in some aspect, we'd love to hear from you.
What's the name of the project?
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Link to the project site?
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What are the names of the creators or project team?
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Is this your own personal project?
What license does this project use?
(If you don't know, leave this blank! Note that many, many projects will use both GPL and CC, so if you know that applies here, check both boxes.)
Does this project explicitly allow commercial use?
That is, not informally, not in limited quantities, but genuinely open to commercial use.
What is covered by the open source license?
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Comments for us? Thoughts on this specific project? Other details, videos, images you want to send us? Ideas on open source hardware? Fire away!
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