Global Bubble Parade New Delhi 2018
Project Voice+ and Those In Need have collaborated to bring ‘Global Bubble Parade’ for the third time in New Delhi this 22nd April, 2018.

‘Self-love’ is to put yourself and your own happiness first, something that deeply lacks in our current society. We have been moulded to live a disconnected and disempowered life, where the only right way to sustain is the society’s way. We are taught that it is not safe to show our true-selves and therefore we begin to detach from our individuality, sacredness and most importantly, our sexuality and true preferences.

The Bubble Parade, a fundraising initiative for Project Voice+ will be based on the theme of Self Love and Self-Acceptance. Our aim through this event is to make the participants accept themselves and all others around them with no judgement, expectations or limitations- something that we never really give a conscious thought to. Through activities and engagement, we would encourage participants to let go of their shame, guilt, and inhibitions.

The Bubble Parade has been a global sensation in bringing together passionate individuals who share the belief that happiness is the journey, not destination. This peaceful walk full of soapy bubbles will be a liberating experience for all participants who believe in breaking their own bubble of self-consciousness.

Date: Sunday 22nd April, 2018
Time: 03:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Venue: Lodhi Gardens

Registration form:

The event will witness the launch of a global campaign on ‘self-love and acceptance,’ “rEVOLution” by Project Voice+.

There will be on spot donation boxes and details about how you can contribute to the campaign will be announced.

Post your pictures with the hashtags #GlobalBubbleParade and#BubbleParadeNewDelhi on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


Global Bubble Parade New Delhi 2017 Video:

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Global Bubble Parade New Delhi 2017
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