Fangaea Exhibitor Registration Info
Application deadline for Vendors is September 12, 2020. The third annual Fangaea Fandom Convention will be taking place on Saturday, September 19, 2020 in San Diego.

Fangaea will provide one table and two chairs to vendors. Vendors will be placed indoor. There is very limited space, so we will be limiting the number of total vendors. Featured Artists get one table and two chairs.

Please make sure to complete the PayPal transaction after submitting this form. Thank you for the interest in this event!
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Only select Featured Artist if you have artwork or other items directly related to your work for sale at their table. Featured Artist tables cannot be used primarily for the sale of merchandise such at t-shirts, pins, CDs/DVDs, etc. Featured Artist tables cannot be shared. The sale of unlicensed material or stolen artwork is strictly prohibited. If you are selling or displaying merchandise other than artwork, you must select a VENDOR/EXHIBITOR space option.
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If you selected FEATURED ARTIST above, please select the first option only (ART). Only ONE Featured Artist per table
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Please read the conditions below and enter your initials if you agree - Pre-Event *
1. VENDOR agrees to pay for space after completing this form by clicking on the paypal tab. 2. VENDOR agrees to observe and comply with all existing policies which in any manner affect or relate to the use of the booth space rental. 3. Fangaea Organizing Committee (FOC) reserves the right to evict anyone violating any rule outlined herein, or violating any other rules or regulations. 4. VENDOR may not sub-let any portion of the booth rental space, without the prior written consent of FOC. This includes Featured Artist tables - only one Featured Artist per table. 5. Refunds for booth space rental cancellation before August 31, 2020 will be at 50% of booth cost. No refunds will be given after August 31, 2020 unless the event is canceled. Weather will not be grounds for refunds, full or partial, unless weather causes cancellation of event. We CANNOT guarantee weather conditions nor event attendance. No refunds will be given if expectations are not met. You alone are responsible for your expenses and losses. 6. Approximately one week prior to Fangaea you will receive the directive for the day’s set up and break down procedures.
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Please read the conditions below and enter your initials if you agree - During Event *
1. Booth spaces are rented for 2020 only. Booth Space Rental shall begin at 6:00 AM and end at 10:00 PM on September 19. (times are subject to change) 2. The Booth space must be accepted as assigned. VENDORS are not permitted to remove and/or relocate the rental booth from the assigned spot without prior approval of FOC. It is our right to relocate the rental booth should it deem necessary. 3. The VENDOR may not operate any music device, such as music equipment, computer, stereo, DJ equipment without obtaining consent from FOC. Operation of such devices without permission will be result in VENDOR to cease activity. 4. FOC reserves the right to deny sale or display of objectionable or offensive materials. FOC may inspect information being distributed or the products being offered for sale by VENDOR, and restrict or deny distribution of any item FOC considers inappropriate.
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Please read the conditions below and enter your initials if you agree - Rights & Responsibilities *
1. This Agreement shall be subject to the applicable laws of California. Any disputes shall be brought before the courts of San Diego, California. 2. VENDOR indemnifies and agrees to hold the FOC, Silk Road Productions, and all of its committee and volunteers and any associated agencies affiliated with the festival event and their members, officers, directors, and employees, harmless against any and all liability whatsoever arising from any claim made against FOC or loss incurred by VENDOR as a result of or in any way arising from, relating to, or connected with the obligations identified within Agreement including loss or liability caused by active negligence, except loss or liability caused by sole negligence or willful conduct. This shall survive any termination of this rental agreement. 3. Vendor understands that they may be photographed or video recorded and you agree to allow photo, video, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the organizers. 4. This agreement indicates your willingness to abide by all terms, conditions, and general regulations listed on this document as well as such additional rules and regulations as necessary, provided these do not materially alter the vendor’s contractual rights.
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