Camp Beyond Camp - Parent Permission
Camp Beyond Camp's personalized online program* is designed to build on the fun of summer camp. We have partnered with Pathfinder Ranch to offer this fun program to your student.

It is important for Camp Beyond Camp to maintain the security and privacy of your student's information. We adhere strictly to the Schoology, our learning management system's, privacy terms and conditions; therefore, parent permission is REQUIRED prior to allowing any student to access any of our classes. The detailed privacy policy may be accessed by visiting the following website: We make every effort to prevent and remove inappropriate content from being posted within our classes. Please do not hesitate to email Camp Beyond Camp at with any questions/concerns. Kindly include detailed contact information including the name of your camper.

*Data rates may apply. Camp Beyond Camp is not responsible for any charges or fees which my occur.
Camp Beyond Camp makes every effort to prevent and eliminate inappropriate content.
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If you agree to allow your student to Participate in Camp Beyond Camp's program, please choose the "YES" option. If you do not agree please select the "NO" option and Camp Beyond Camp will not authorize permission for your child to access Camp Beyond Camp's program. *
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