TIME : 9.00 AM TO 10.00 PM
VENUE : Chaudhari High School Ground, Kasturba Road, Naval Nagar, Sadar, Rajkot - 360001.

1. School / College Identity card of the Participant is compulsory. (Whichever is applicable)
2. Each Participant should have visiting card of their business.
3. Dress code with each stall is desirable.
4. You should have one small temple / Place for Prayer in your business stall for Morning Prayer.
5. Keep your Government Photo Identity proof with you in both the days of event.
6. Inform your stall Number which will be given to you by organizing committee to your Parents & relatives and invite them to visit your stall.
7. Provide promotional schemes at every stall and keep chocolates / Sweets at every stall and also keep air freshener.
8. For Food stall outside's Ready-Made food, or ready-made stall with outsiders name is not allowed, But you can appoint expert employee for specific help from outside.
9. Students can not make stall in Partnership with partners from other than their schools & college departments
10. Food stall will be selected on the basis of early submission of the registration form online through Google link. Same will be applicable to other kind of stalls.
11. In case of multiple registration from any candidate, only the latest registration details will be considered. And please ignore multiple registration if possible.
12. Maximum partners in the business allowed are 4 and maximum 2 outsiders are allowed for help.
13. College will provide one 10*15 stall with 1 table, 4 chairs, 1 fan, 1 table cloth, and 1 electricity board with one plug if required. If Anything other than this is required than Participants have to arrange by themselves.
14. Last Date of registration will be 22/1/2019.
15. Any rule can be edited deleted and/or added any time before, during or after the business fiesta event by the management and the organizing committee.

Marking System:

Particulars Marks
1. Dress code------------------------------------10
2. Visiting card----------------------------------10
3. Team work------------------------------------10
4. Product or Service usefulness-------20
5. Innovation------------------------------------- 10
6. Business Etiquette--------------------------10
7. Social media promotion/
Marketing strategy -------------------------10
8. Cleanliness ------------------------------------10
9. Given by Judges----------------------------10

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