HGN November Gathering: Funds and Publicity
November's HGN Gathering will focus on finding funds and designing your message.

Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford

Wednesday 21st November 7.30pm.

As our current 'Get Active' project comes to an end, this is a chance to share what we've achieved and for members to benefit from some strong skill-sharing - also an idea of the services you can expect from the network as we clarify our membership. More about membership at www.hgnetwork.org

We will be:

Sharing lots of info from Herefordshire Community Foundation about local funding available
Rebecca will be running some 'Small Funds for Small Groups' activities from her 'VolunteersYeah' training session
...and Martin Driscoll of Worcestershire Litfest will talk us through ways to use the dark pubclity arts to our advantage as environmental groups!

Come and join us to find out more about achieving the aims you have within your organisation or community group.

Please let us know if you are coming to the gathering here - and which topic you are most interested in, so that we can tailor the evening accordingly.

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