innocent foundation concept note: application form
We are looking for innovative ideas which help hungry families feed themselves and adapt to climate change.

Please ensure you have read the funding criteria before you start your application (visit our website for more information)

This is the concept note stage of the application. We want to understand your idea and project. The deadline for completing this form is 5pm (UK time) on Friday 29th May 2020.

We will let you know whether your initial application has been successful or not by 26th June 2020. If we like your idea, at that point we will ask you to provide more detail in a full proposal, aiming for a funding decision at our September trustee meeting. We recognise many organisations will be involved in responding to COVID-19, our funding is focused on improving food security as we see this as a crucial step in helping communities recover and rebuild following a public health crisis.

We look forward to hearing from you, thank you.
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We want to understand your organisation's vision and strategy. You can add a link to your website here.
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We will only fund legally registered not-for-profits, so tell us your legal entity type here
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Tell us about your idea
Focus on your innovative idea in this section. If we like what we read, we'll ask you to provide us with more background to your organisation later, so no need to include here.
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Your 'elevator pitch' in 500 characters or less
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How does your idea help hungry people? *
Briefly explain how your idea addresses the root causes of hunger. What impact will it have for the hungriest families (in countries rated alarming or serious on the Global Hunger Index) to become more food secure (900 characters maximum)
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How does your idea help build resilience to climate change? *
Briefly explain how your idea helps the hungriest families to become more resilient to climate change (900 characters maximum)
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How is your idea innovative? *
Your idea must be new and different from existing ideas which help hungry families feed themselves and adapt to climate change. Demonstrate how it's innovative and how it has the potential to disrupt the status quo (900 characters maximum).
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How will your idea spread to reach more people over time? *
We only fund ideas with the potential to scale up over time. If your idea is successful how do you plan to expand it to other countries or regions? How will you influence others to replicate your idea in new places? (900 characters maximum)
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Tell us about your project
We want to know how you plan to test your idea with our funding. We will consider a proof of concept (where you have a new idea with limited evidence), or test and transition (you have a proven idea and want to test it with more people with a focus on evidence-gathering), or scale up (where there’s rigorous evidence and still serious room to grow).
Where will your project take place? *
Describe where you will set up your project. How is it affected by climate change? We are unlikely to fund work set in conflict zones or fragile states unless you have a good reason why. (900 characters maximum)
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Who will benefit from your project? *
Describe the people you will work with. How hungry are they? (900 characters maximum)
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What will your project do? *
What are the key activities? When will they happen? How will they be delivered? (900 character maximum)
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Who will implement your project? *
We want to collaborate with change-makers, game-changers, visionaries, go-getters and innovators. Tell us about your key team members and why you're the right people to deliver this project. Please don't give us a list of their qualifications, we want you to convince us why we should back them (500 character maximum)
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How much money do you need? *
We normally fund between £30,000 to £50,000 per year, although in exceptional circumstances this could be as high as £150,000 per year. If you have or plan to find co-funders please give details here. We're unlikely to fund overhead costs that are over 10% unless you have a good reason why. (500 character maximum)
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How long is your project? *
How many years will your project run for? What is your preferred start date? (250 character maximum)
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We can't afford to fund everything, but we know some other funders who are also looking for great ideas. Are you happy for us to share your details? *
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