SWAN 2019~2020 Winter Camp Registration Form
6 hours training 5 days a week from 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm
Supervised lunch break hour: 12pm – 2pm
Free extended care: 5pm – 6pm
Prorated fee if attend three or more days, otherwise drop in fee applies
Regular Fee: $470 per five days week
or $260 per five half day week
Sibling Discounted Fee: $450 per week
or $250 per half day week
Drop in Fee: $100 per day
or $55 per half day
Hot Lunch & afternoon snack included
Make your check payable to PPC or Ping Pong Community
You can also pay by PayPal: pingpong.community@gmail.com
Text message: (408)389-8760, (408)915-7464
Email: pingpong.community@gmail.com
Address: 1257 Tasman Dr. Ste C, Sunnyvale, 94089
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Full Day
2019 Nov. 25,26,27
2019 Dec. 23,26,27
2019 Dec. 30,31
2020 Jan. 2,3
2020 Feb. 17~21
2019 Nov 10 (Sunday, Monrning 9~12 Only, Fee: $50)
2019 Nov 11 (Monday)
2019 Nov. 28 (need pre-registration, no drop-in)
2019 Nov. 29 (need pre--registration, no drop-in)
2019 Dec. 24
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