2020-2021 SHF Charter Report Form (email photo option)
Thank you for the time that you are taking to complete this Annual Report. Filing an Annual Report each year, as well as inducting students and ordering induction materials at least once every two years are the requirements for retaining your active charter status. Please know that we will be reading it with great interest! Thank you for all you do to encourage your students and maintain a dynamic French program in your school.

If you wish to upload photos from an event that you organized, you must be logged in with a Google account and use this form https://forms.gle/5gx6GbKTdrsD4o6W6 If you do not have a Google account or do not wish to upload any photos, use this form. An email is given at the end for sending photos.
SHF Sponsor's Name (If you are the sponsor then enter your name) *
Email Address *
If you have a co-sponsor, add their name here.
If you are a new sponsor, please give us the name of your predecessor.
Name of School *
School Address (Street/City/State/Zip) *
Were you able to hold and induction this year, and if so, what kind? *
Date of SHF Induction (If you were able to hold one)
How many new SHF members did you induct this year? (Do not count returning SHF members as these are not new members) *
How many current students do you have enrolled in all of your school's French classes? *
How many of your current students in French classes are SHF inducted members? *
Do any of these apply to your high school's French Honor Society? *
Do any of these apply to your high school's French Honor Society? *
Would you be willing to contribute an article to the "Bourse aux idees" section of the SHF-JAF publication, L'Elan? If so, on what one activity or program?
If your high school's French Honor Society celebrated National French Week, please describe your most successful activity. Please also describe the service opportunities that you provide your students.
If your high school's French Honor Society held an induction ceremony, please share one aspect of the ceremony that was well received.
If your high school's French Honor Society has sponsored activities, please describe your most successful one.
If you have photos that you want to share with the National Council, please include a link to them here:
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