JABI 入会申込みフォーム (JABI Membership Application Form)
この度はJABIへのご入会、誠にありがとうございます。 Thank you for joining JABI.
必要事項等の記入をよろしくお願いいたします。(約5分) Please fill in your information on the form. (approx 5 min)
会員申込み Application
I would like to become a member of JABI.
全ての会員の入会金は$100 (JABIイベント割引* $50)です。その他年会費は下記の通りです。
Membership Admission fee for all type of members is $100 (Event Discount : $50*). Annual membership fee is listed below.
会員カテゴリー Membership Categories *
Navigator Member: Japanese business consultant, agency, wholesale business that is mainly engaged in Silicon Valley
Japan Navigator Member: Consultant member who resides in Japan
Sponsored Members: Providers of a wide range of business services such as attorneys, accountants, banks, insurance, web design, and translation, which become necessary after making an entry decision
Special Members: Corporate members such as local governments
Individual Members: Members who agree with the philosophy and would like to support this consortium
Client Member: A corporate member who is a Japanese company and is interested in entering the United States
入会承認後30日内に、定められた入会金および年会費を事務局へ納めます。(手順は追ってご連絡いたします)I will pay the admission and membership fee within 30 days of admission approval (Payment procedure will be informed later by an e-mail)
自己紹介 Self-Introduction
入会動機、貢献したいことなどもありましたら、ご記入お願いいたします。 What is your reason for joining JABI and/or what would you like to contribute to this organization?
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