Theme Cabin Applications | Nest 2018
Nest's Theme Cabin application form is in place to help the core team most effectively manage the volume of participants and their needs. Equally, it helps to jog your thinking and planning for your Theme Cabin.

Theme Cabins are this year's name for the Theme Camps last year. It is a nod to our heritage from Nest's site up until 2015. "Camp" and "Cabin" is interchangeable; it's okay if you use one, both, or either in your application. For the grammatically pedantic, emotionally prepare yourself for a range of capitalisations (Theme Cabin, Theme cabin, theme cabin -- it's a jungle out there).

How it works
Taking a Theme Cabin to Nest is a fantastic way of participating by the Ten Principles. The application form has been developed across teams, so it may feel eclectic as you work your way through the sections but it covers the essentials of what we need to know to help you bring your Theme Cabin to Nest.

There are six sections to fill out with approximately five questions per section. Some are long form (you'll need describe your answers) and some are numerical or one-word answers.

Can we get started now?
Yes! You can save your answers at any time and return to it later if you need to.
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