Writers Qi x Swiss Education Group Insta LIVE!
The Swiss Education Group is a group of hospitality management schools that offer some of the best courses in this field in Switzerland. They have 6 schools under them including Culinary Arts Academy, the first culinary school in Switzerland. Their courses are accredited by multiple institutions abroad and they have a large base of collaborations all over the world to offer their students the best hospitality and culinary internships. The Insta Live event is an information session to provide you with details about what they offer and how to go about the application process!

We are extremely glad that you intend on registering for this event. Please provide us with your details below in order to confirm your registration. Thank you.
Event Timing: September 25, 2020, 6 PM IST or 8:30 EST
Instagram handle: @thewritersqi
Contact us at +91 9962100569 or admin@writersqi.com
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