Chapter Leader Volunteer Application
So you want to be a CL for #WomenCrush Music? Read the job description below & fill out this application and you'll be on your way!

**Note: For potential CLs wanting to start in the beginning of 2019, please submit your application by October 15th,2018!

Job purpose
Chapter Leaders are the face of #WomenCrush in their city. Chapter Leaders are responsible for booking and hosting showcases & networking events in their city, as well as staying in touch with their community on and offline. The goals and importance of this position is to increase brand awareness, artist engagement and make #WomenCrush Music a growing part of their local music scene. Chapter Leaders are the main point of contact & host at all #WomenCrush Music events in their city including (but not limited to) all showcases, educational workshops and networking events. Events are to be hosted once a month (unless otherwise discussed with the Executive Directress).

Duties and responsibilities:
Coordination of all #WCM events (booking, communicating with venues & local sponsors, sending out artist advances, promoting, paying out artists/speakers, hosting)
Promotion of all #WCM events in collaboration with the #WCM PR/Marketing teams (via social media, flyering, personal outreach,etc.)
Delivering all necessary information to the #WCM Team for press releases/flyer information by the event submission deadline
Leading/hiring additional support staff if needed to help grow & develop chapter
Check-ins with the Executive Directress about the chapter's current and future plans/status (One to two times a month)
Fostering an online community that is in line with the #WCM mission via the city-specific Facebook group
Supporting #WCM's nationwide initiatives and engaging with the entire international #WCM team via Slack

Familiarity with your city's music scene and a passion for spreading the #WCM mission
Prior booking, event planning, PR, marketing experience in the music industry preferred (one to two years)
Attention to detail, deadlines & the #WCM brand
Ability to work efficiently with a remote team via Slack, Google Drive & email
Friendly, professional networkers encouraged to apply

Working conditions
Remote work where employee chooses. Employee also must work ON SITE at all #WCM events they have booked in their city.

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