The Youth Farm Project: Field Trip Registration Spring 2020
April 21st - June 19th

Tour our farm and use all your senses to discover what lives on a farm! Get your hands dirty in the soil, observe chicken behavior, and explore life inside the compost pile. Take a walk through the fields to see what's growing, and harvest some veggies to make a fresh snack together on the farm. Throughout the day, we'll learn about the importance of biodiversity and food justice.

​Field Trip Costs: Field Trips are eligible to be paid for through IPEI's Kids Discover the Trail/Buddy Up! or the TST Boces CoSer. Please indicate which of these you would like to go through, and we will be in touch as to what we need from you. If you would like to pay for the trip directly through your schools funds, please indicate that, and we will determine the cost for your group.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at:

Thank you.
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Do you know about YFP's Social Justice lending Library? If you would like to use this free resource coinciding when your class visits the farm, please indicate that below, and sign up here:
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