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Please submit a pitch to do a guest post in Trapital. This newsletter goes out to nearly 35,000 readers worldwide who care about the business of music, media, and culture. Past writing experience is preferred (but not required) but the bar is high! I may not be able to get back to everyone, so if you don't hear back, it's unfortunately a pass.

Here's what we're looking for:
1. Well-researched ideas and concepts that stem from your unique knowledge and viewpoint
2. A unique perspective that you haven't shared elsewhere and that can't be found elsewhere
3. A concept or topic that's relatively evergreen. An idea or concept with enough legs to it to be relevant for some time
4. Willingness to work with our editor to make the piece as strong as possible
5. A topic that would also make for a good Trapital show episode as well! We'll pick the best topics to join us for a podcast discussion as well
6. Themes and topics aligned with Trapital's focus on the business of music, media, and culture

What we're NOT looking for:
1. Publicist or PR firm-driven submissions. This needs to come directly from the guest post writer
2. Topics that are surface level or little depth
3. Pieces that have already been published or pre-written
4. Puff pieces, glorified press releases, or anything that reads like sponsored content

Ideas on great topics:
1. A framework, concept, or theory you use that you're not sure if others also use, but can be helpful to share
2. An amazing story related to music, media, entertainment, or culture that you've lived through
3. A topic that people come to you for advice about often, and you've been wanting to release a cornerstone piece on that topic

Great Trapital post examples
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