Leadership Application 2020/2021- Must be submitted online by April 10
This application will be due April 10, 11:59 P.M. Late applications will not be accepted.
This application cannot be saved. We SUGGEST writing answers out on a separate sheet of paper and then typing it all at once.
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The Leadership Training day is essential for your success as a leader on campus, it will be held June 8th on campus from 8am-6pm Please respond with your thoughts on this. *
Students will be appointed into each Leadership class as either a Commissioner/Committee member or a grade level (class) representative. Please Check all you would be interested in...
Please see the office responsibilities sheet for the requirements of each appointed position. Leadership: Student leaders will serve for a term of one year in the Leadership class. Commissions include; treasurer, publicity, cultural awareness, clubs and funds, student store, activities, pep, academics, fine arts, program services, staff relations, historian, school board representative, city council representative, parliamentarian, homecoming, video, and technology.
Student Senate, Please check all Committees you would be interested in...
Representatives in the Senate class are called Senators and serve for a term of one year and are responsible for all community service events (blood drives, canned food, toy drive, Red ribbon week, Race for the Cure, Relay for Life, Elementary school red ribbon week assemblies,) Homecoming Dance, R.I.T.E awards, Mr. Nighthawk, Senior Citizen Prom, Feather awards, Senior Wings, student recognition, student store, environmental concern, Gratitude Week, Kindness week, Safe driving, Dude be Nice, and Peer Buddy program with our special needs students.
Nighthawk Pride- This class is designed to promote school spirit and pride. You will create a Red Zone for home varsity athletic contests (at least one at each sport), 5 star scanning and inputting, athletic advertising, athlete of the month, academic athlete of the season, Red Zone shirts, coach of the month, varsity athlete breakfasts, tailgate planning, stadium/gym/pool decorations, and planning student-staff competitions for Recess Wednesdays (extended breaks twice a month).
Link Crew-This class is designed to provide freshman connections. Leaders will be mentors and guides to the incoming freshman class. Leaders will do this through the incoming freshman orientation before school starts, social events throughout the year, recognizing freshmen for their participation in varies activities on our campus, for outstanding GPA's, and many more events.
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P.L.U.S . (Peer Leaders Uniting Students) Team-This class is designed to provide our student leaders with an opportunity to work with student on our campus to address critical issues related to our school climate. Through our monthly forums, leaders assess school climate, build trusting relationships between students, create opportunities for listening, and develop a mechanism to sustain the safe school efforts.
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Check mark each box to acknowledge that you understand your responsibilities and requirements as a leader at Murrieta Valley High School. *
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