Rhea Lana's of Metro Detroit V.I.P. Consignor Program
We are thrilled you are here! We want to make your experience as convenient and hassle free as possible. Whether you're new to the VIP Program or you have participated before, Please read our VIP procedures and indicate that you understand what to expect. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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1. First & Last Name *
2. Address *
3. City, State, Zip *
4. Mobile Number *
5. Are you a first time Consignor? *
6. I will earn 30% of my sales, less my consignor fee. I can pick up my check the Sunday immediately following the event. If I do not pick up my check, I understand that it will be mailed to me at the address I have provided. *
7. $20 will be deducted from my check. *
8. My items will be priced at 25-35% of local retail pricing.  *
9. I understand the RLMD Quality Standards specifically exclude all of the following. *
10. Unacceptable Items: If I provide my VIP Processor with items that do not meet the quality standards, those items will not be returned to me, I understand they may be immediately donated to local foster families and our charitable partners. *
11. Excessive Unacceptable Items: I understand my VIP Processor may charge a $15 fee for excessive Unacceptable Items, which will be deducted from my consignor check. (please check both boxes)

12. Batteries: My VIP Processor will replace any necessary batteries at a cost of $1 per battery. Items not worth the cost-benefit of new batteries will be donated.

13. All clothes and shoes will be freshly washed/cleaned, free of pet hair and odor and seasonally appropriate for the Spring or Fall event. *
14. Approximately how many clothing items will you be consigning with us? *
15. Large toys, baby furniture and equipment sell especially well at our events. Climb on, ride on toys, high-chairs, pack n' plays, rockers, and similar items are some of our best selling items! Do you have the following items that you would like to include in your batch? *
16. Car Seats MUST BE VERY CLEAN! If the seat has stains, food, etc., we will not accept it. We do not accept car seats that are dirty, recalled, have been in an accident or have less than 1 year remaining before expiration. You will be required to sign a waiver. *
17. Are you ready to secure an appointment with one of our VIP Processors? *
18. I would like to suggest a specific (or multiple) day and time for pickup. I understand my VIP Processor will work with me to accommodate my scheduled appointment. *
19. Last question, WHO did you hear about our VIP Program from? *
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