OCE PGS - Registration Form
New, simplified registration form for OCE PGS teams. YOU MUST FILL THIS FORM IN FOR EVERY WEEK THAT YOU PARTICIPATE!
Note: In-game Names (IGN) MUST match exactly the player's name in Paladins. This information is used to distribute prizes.
Captains should please join the Discord servers for
- OCE PGS (https://discord.gg/dqmGhP5),
- OCE Paladins (https://discord.gg/Tx24V53) and
- Gamestah (https://discord.gg/r3bwhhJ).
What is your Team's name? *
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Team's Challonge name *
(Must match exactly the name as entered in Challonge. Case sensitive! If your team doesn't have a Challonge name, register one here: http://challonge.com/teams/new)
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Captains Details
Captains must provide both their In-Game Name (IGN) and Discord Name to enable OCE PGS Admins to contact them.
Captains IGN *
(Must match EXACTLY your name in Paladins)
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Captains Discord *
(Make sure you include the #1234 part of the name)
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Captains Email *
Captain's email will be used to distribute prizes
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Player Details
Teams must have at least FIVE (5) players, but not more than EIGHT (8) players.
Note: the team Captain counts as Player 1.
Player Names must be EXACTLY as they are in Paladins - prizes will be distributed to these accounts)
Player 2 IGN *
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Player 3 IGN *
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Player 4 IGN *
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Player 5 IGN *
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Player 6 IGN
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Player 7 IGN
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Player 8 IGN
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