Application for Data Science Initiative Affiliates: Graduate students and Postdocs
The Data Science Initiative (DSI) is building a campus community of researchers interested in the exciting area of Data Science, both applications and methods. Graduate students and postdocs interested in developing and/or applying data science methods to research problems in different fields can apply to be affiliated with the DSI. Affiliates have access to the DSI suite in Shields library, which includes desk space, lounge areas, conference rooms, a classroom, and a kitchen area. The space is also furnished throughout with whiteboards and LCD screens and is the campus hub for data science resources. In addition to the physical space, affiliates will also be part of the burgeoning community of data scientists on campus. The community discusses new data science developments, brainstorms about projects, forms new collaborations, and helps with each others problems. To this end, affiliates are expected to actively participate in developing a multidisciplinary community by spending time in the DSI space, attending regular meetings, seminars, and events. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your Data Science knowledge and skills, network, get input on your research, and collaborate in a multi-disciplinary environment. Active affiliates are eligible to apply for competitive GSR positions, research/travel grants, and other select opportunities through the DSI. To apply to the affiliate program, please fill out the form below and submit.
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UC Davis ID Number. (If you are a visiting scholar, you will need to apply for UC Davis affiliate status through a departmental contact on campus to obtain an ID number.)
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Please describe your understanding of what constitutes data science.
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Why do you want to be an affiliate? What are your professional and personal goals?
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How do you rate your proficiency in data science compared to your peers within your discipline? Your response here helps us to tailor our program offerings and does not necessarily impact your candidacy for membership or affiliate status.
Here are some (but not all!) skills and tools used in data science. Please choose your proficiency for each of the following. Your responses here help us tailor our program offerings and do not necessarily impact your candidacy for membership or affiliate status.
Never heard of it
Heard of it
Attended a workshop on it or used it in a workshop
Attended a class on it or used it in a class
Did/used it for my research or job
Do/use it everyday
Taught a class/workshop on it, or a class/workshop that used it
Shell Command line
Version Control (e.g. git)
Web scraping
Statistical modeling
Machine learning
Bayesian statistics
If you entered "Other" above, please describe it here.
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Describe specific skills you want to learn in data science, and to what degree of proficiency.
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In what ways can you commit to engaging with the DSI?
Please tell us anything else about yourself, your research, and/or how your presence will contribute to the DSI that you believe is relevant to this application.
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