The Litty Ligo Sponsorship Program
We are so grateful for the generosity of others and we want to pay it forward! Fill out this form below and you will be eligible to receive:

- free accessories
- free books or toys
- free apparel
- free entry to the annual World Vitiligo Day Conference (for 1st timers)

We would love to distribute items every month!

- must complete the form below to be eligible
- one entry per person
- up to 4 entries per household
- if you are entering on behalf of a child, please use the child's preferences to complete the form

Once you've received your items:

- tag us in a picture on instagram or facebook using hashtag #littyligo
- if you are living w/ vitiligo, use hashtag #iamthelitonepercent
- if you are an ally of the vitiligo community, use hashtag #isupportthelitonepercent

Shipping will be covered by Litty Ligo!
Email *
Name *
How do you or the child you're entering for identify? *
What are your two favorite colors? *
What is your unisex t-shirt size? *
How has Litty Ligo impacted your life? ( 3- 4 sentences | This answer may be featured on the Litty Ligo website) *
If your answer is selected to be featured, do you wish to remain anonymous? *
Thank you! You will receive an email with next steps within 3-5 business days!
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