Reunion Registration
Please Note: No PETS or BICYCLES allowed on the campgrounds
Couples with or without children attending:
Please register using the husband's name as the primary contact and provide additional information below
Adult registering themselves and/or a child or children:
Please register under adult's name and provide additional information below
Family groups with adults from multiple addresses:
Please register each adult (and any children they are responsible for) on separate registration forms and provide one family group name (example: "John Smith Family")
Primary Contact Name *
Street Address *
City, State, Zipcode
Primary Phone Number *
Primary Email *
Other Adults Attending
If additional adults are from a different address than the primary contact, please register each adult separately
Family Group Name
If your registration needs to be grouped with other registrations (ex. you will be lodging together, but come from multiple addresses), please provide the same family name on each registration form - Example: John Smith Family
Priesthood Offices Available for Service
Names of Children Attending
Class Grades (if children attending)
Preferred Lodging *
Note: Couples and individuals may be combined in cabins to conserve space as our reunions are often very full
If multiple types of lodging are requested, please explain and provide numbers that will be staying in each facility
Payment Method *
Allergies (please indicate which camper)
Please Note: If you or someone in your group has severe food allergies, you are asked to bring supplemental food to ensure that you have food you can eat. We will do our best to provide food that is safe for everyone as the menu allows.
Talents We Can Offer (Ministry of Music, Teaching/Helping with Classes, etc.)
Special Requests
Reunion Guidelines
Because we’re at reunion to learn more about our relationship with our Heavenly Father, it will also be important to grow in our relationship with each other by participating in all reunion activities. It is also expected that each individual will be helping with cleaning up and other chores that may be necessary.

- NO BICYCLES or other modes of transportation other than what are already on the campgrounds
- Lakes: Life jackets must be worn while canoeing. NO canoeing without an adult 18 years or older present.
- NO swimming in the lakes at any time
- No profanity or innuendos

Food Allergies
If a camper has food allergies, it is the families’ responsibility to contact the director prior to reunion, discuss the camper's need and provide food substitutions if necessary. It is the cook's responsibility to provide a menu and work with the families to determine what substitutions are necessary and reasonable. This only applies to medical needs and not food preferences.

Off limits!
- Kitchen food supply areas are restricted.
- Additional restricted areas may be determined by the directors.

Dating relationships
Please use this time at camp to build up your relationship with God instead of building a romantic pursuit. Stay public and take a break from hand holding, hugging, kissing, etc.

Electronic Devices
Because we’re taking time out from the usual activities that might distract us, please leave at home any items such as MP3 players, radios, portable game systems, etc.

Items such as tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited, as campers should be receiving a spiritual high that will surpass any man-made chemical.

Dress Respectfully
- Footwear needs to be worn at all times
- Shirts on during recreation
- Because we would like to cover rather than expose, please, no tube tops, spaghetti straps or halter tops
- Please, no clothing with logos conveying a drug, alcohol, or anti-Christian theme
- No bikinis. If swimwear is found to be unacceptable, the camper must wear a colored T-Shirt.

I recognize that there are risks involved in participating in this event and hereby assume all risk of injury, illness, harm, damage, or death to participants in connection with his/her participation in this activity.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, I release Odessa Hills Campground, its trustees, officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives from any injury, illness, harm, damage or death which may occur to myself or my minor child while participating in the activities and agree to save and hold harmless Odessa Hills Campground, its trustees, officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives from any claims arising out of my participation in the activity.
I have read and agree to abide by the Reunion Guidelines stated above *
I have read and agree to abide by the new rules stating NO PETS or BICYCLES on the campgrounds *
Please arrive at the campgrounds no earlier than 5pm on Saturday to allow time for the directors and cooks to prepare. We look forward to worshiping with you!
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