Return to Work Questionnaire
Florida Reemployment Assistance Return to Work Questionnaire

This secure site is used by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s Reemployment Assistance Program to verify whether a person has returned to work, and whether any new job separation has occurred since filing their initial claim. To utilize this site, you must have a return to work issue associated with your claim. This site contains a questionnaire that’s purpose is to identify if a person has returned to work, and will help determine eligibility for benefits.
To provide details related to the Return to Work Issue, claimants should complete the questionnaire, these details will assist in resolving the issue

If you did not receive notification from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity requesting to complete the Return to Work Questionnaire with a link to this website, your answers will not be used for adjudication purposes, nor will it allow your claim to be processed faster. This site is only for claimants who are currently experiencing a Return to Work issue on their current Reemployment Assistance claim. If you need assistance with your Reemployment Assistance claim, unrelated to Return to Work, please call 1-833-FL-APPLY (1-833-352-7759) for further assistance.
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• If you worked or you were being paid for job training during any week that you have requested Reemployment Assistance Benefits, you should answer YES. • If you have worked and received pay since filing your claim for any job or employer, you should also select YES . • If you have NOT worked and NOT received any income, you should select NO.
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