Poway Unified School District Intradistrict Transfer Application 2018-2019 School Year
Poway Unified School District Intradistrict Transfer Application 2018 - 2019 School Year.

Please understand that we will accept your transfer application, however, you will need to continue with enrollment at your school of residence while awaiting your Intradistrict Transfer decision.

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Existing PUSD Students - If you do not know your child's Permanent ID Number, refer to the Parent Portal or your school site for this information. If unable to obtain your child's Permanent ID Number, you may leave this field blank at this time. New Students to PUSD - Permanent ID Number is not required to submit this request.
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Student/family must live within the PUSD district boundaries to be eligible for an Intradistrict Transfer.
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If you are unsure as to your School of Residence, go to the Address Lookup tab on the PUSD website and enter your address.
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Terms and Conditions of Student Transfer/Parent Signature

2. Intradistrict transfers will not be considered until the student is enrolled in her/his home school of residence.

3. Intradistrict transfers are only valid while the conditions stated in the request are maintained.

4. Intradistrict transfers may be revoked if the student does not maintain satisfactory attendance, citizenship, or scholarship.

5. Transportation of the student to and from school is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

6. The student will be ineligible for varsity athletics for one calendar year from the date of enrollment at the high school of desired attendance. Ineligibility exemptions include incoming 9th grade students, 9th grade siblings of students concurrently enrolled at the high school, students of any grade level whose parents relocate during the year, and 9th grade students granted a transfer to an "optional enrollment school" declared by the District, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade students granted a transfer to an "optional enrollment school" declared by the District.

7. If a student is granted a request to voluntarily return to his/her school of residence, the student will be ineligible at the school of residence for varsity athletics for one calendar year from the date of re-entering his/her school of residence. If you should have questions regarding eligibility, please contact CIF-SDS at (858)292-8165.

8. If an Intradistrict Transfer is approved, the student may remain at the school until completion of 5th or 8th grade, if they are a student in good standing, and must re-apply for a new transfer for the next school level (middle or high).

9. I understand that if this request is granted, my student's record will be moved to the school requested. If you want to cancel this request prior to attending the approved transfer school, please notify the Attendance and Discipline department via email at transfers@powayusd.com.

10. Once your student attends the approved transfer school, approved requests remain in effect for a minimum of one school year, unless revoked by the school or district office.

11. I understand that I am obligated to immediately notify my student's school of any address change and will need to submit an updated Intradistrict Transfer Request reflecting the new address.

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