Community Organizing 101
This series is dedicated for parents and community allies to critically reflect on deep-rooted issues in our community and how to take action to make positive changes. Participants learn about systems of oppression such as racism, sexism, homophobia, adultism, and capitalism; their impact and community-based solutions; while highlighting the organizing history of people and groups of color at the forefront of movements.

Sat. July 24, 10a-3p: Retreat- Overview, Organizing, and Self-Care (In Person)
Tue. July 27, 5p-730p: Identities, Power, and Oppression (Zoom)
Tue. Aug 3, 5p-7:30p: Our Stories, Our Histories (In Person)
Tue. Aug 10, 5p-7:30p: Power and Resistance (Zoom)
Tue. Aug 17, 5p-7:30p: Organizing, Movement Building, and Campaigns (Zoom)
Sat. Aug 24, 10a-2p: Technical Assistance, Base-Building, Fundraising (In Person)

On-site childcare and meals provided during in-person sessions.

To honor time and commitment we are awarding a stipend for up to $250 for your participation.

Registration due by Sunday July 15th. Limited Seating (15 openings).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (860) 574-1242 or by email:
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