LMC Sign IN Form - 9th Period
1.You must fill in ALL categories on this form yourself, one sign-in per person, within 5 minutes of your arrival in the LMC (no initials, gamer tags or group submissions).
2. Plan to stay the entire period, get snacks, go to your locker, restroom, etc. prior to arrival.
3. Students on the ineligible list MUST have a blue priority pass from one of YOUR teachers to come to the LMC 9th Period.

Thank You!

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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING AGREEMENT CAREFULLY: I understand that I am to use my time productively (as designated in my stated purpose for visiting the LMC today). I also understand that I may not use my phone or Air pods in the LMC. I will keep my device away or surrender it upon arrival to the holding zone behind the circulation desk. Failure to comply will result in confiscation of device and an office referral. *
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