2020 East Ramapo School Board Candidate Questionnaire
The Role of School Boards:

Public schools are not islands. They operate within communities of families, businesses, services, and individuals who all share an interest in the preparation of their younger citizens. Schools that have the support of their stakeholders have a powerful advantage in carrying out their mission.

The Process:

1) Elections happen every year in May. There are usually three positions open. Former candidates and supporters developed this process to provide support and continuity for public school advocates to be elected to the board. To run, you must be eligible to vote in East Ramapo school board elections (live in the district, and be a citizen age 18 or older)

2) A public forum will be Saturday Feb 29 from 12-2 PM at the Hillcrest Firehouse, 374 N Main St, Spring Valley. please be ready to present yourself to the audience. The audience will be provided with a copy of candidates responses and will indicate their choices.

3) Those who are not chosen as candidates are alternates. All are expected to work on the campaign. The best preparation to be next year's choice is to work for this year's slate.

4) The election campaign will require 2-4 hours per week attending events, meetings, gathering petitions signatures, etc. for about 10 weeks from March through mid-May.

5) Once elected, you will need to attend school board meetings twice a month and are encouraged to attend at least a few school functions throughout the school year.

Please submit questionnaire responses ASAP, but not later than 5 PM on Feb 28.
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