Civic Cities Agenda - 2019 Questionnaire for Candidates for Local Office
The Massachusetts Voter Table is committed to increasing civic access, engagement, and representation among communities of color, low-income people, youth, and immigrants across our commonwealth. We believe that building a healthy democracy starts at the local level, and we are asking municipal candidates for their ideas about how to strengthen our democracy.

Democracy starts in our cities and demands civic leadership to ensure everyone can share in the public good. Civic leadership means safeguarding and advancing:
- Civic access, so that anyone who wants to vote can vote, because inclusion is the foundation of our democracy.
- Civic engagement, so that anyone who can vote does vote, because participation is the of our democracy.
- Civic representation, so that if you and your neighbors vote, your elected officials act on your communities’ issues, because ordinary people should have a say in decisions that impact their daily lives.
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