2018-19 Director of University Affairs Special Project Lead
Interns and special project leads will work alongside the Director of University Affairs (DUA) in addressing issues of university academics, administration, advising, and other issues of higher education through research and student representation. Students will have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of how UW operates on an institutional level and contribute to discussions of university policy, practices, and standards. Some topics students may deal with include: capacity-constrained majors, admissions, affordability, capital projects, university budgets, lobbying in Olympia, and more.

Time Commitments: 1-3 hours a week, depending on the proposed project
- This is an opportunity for students to develop projects based on issues related to academics, administration, advising, and government relations that they are passionate about.
- This may include drafting legislation, conducting independent policy research, reaching out to members of faculty and administration, and more under the supervision of the DUA.
- Special Project Leads will work with the DUA to develop action items and determine the project structure.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Angelia Miranda, ASUW Director of University Affairs, at asuwbdua@uw.edu.

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