2020 Summer School Registration
2020 Summer school (grades 9 - 12) will run from May 1st - June 26th. Courses may be started any time between May 1st and June 1st with students being able to take multiple courses with only one at a time and if time permits. Currently, all courses will be completely online with teacher office hours available.
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Which of the following courses are you interested in? You may only choose 1 (0.5 credit). Additional courses may be discussed once the first course is completed. S1 indicates first semester and S2 indicates the second semester. *
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If you are interested in a course that was not listed in the above questions, please identify it here.
All unit tests must be completed in a monitored session. Other work will be completed on your own time. If allowed in the future, will you attend open lab hours on campus?
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Do you wish to have school transportation to and from summer school? (Pending state and district approval)
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If you indicated in the previous question that you would like school transportation, please indicate your current bus route number and bus number.
If we open lab hours later, I understand the normal PUSD discipline policies will apply including dress code and illicit substances policies. A student may be asked to leave summer school and receive an 'F' if policies are not adhered to. *
Thank you for completing this form. Please contact Renae Short at renae.short@pusd10.org or Laura Winton at laura.winton@pusd10.org (472-5892) with questions, comments, or concerns.
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