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财务健康检查 / Financial Check Up
团购折扣 / Bulk Purchase for Extra Discount
二手房 / FireSales
买房拿钱 / Property Cash Out Purchase
债务重组 (有房产)/ Debt consolidation by Mortgage
债务重组 (没有房产)/ Debt consolidation by Personal Loan
房产翻借(提高房产估值)/ Refinancing (To get higher valuation)
解决第三间70%房贷限制 / To overcome third housing loan 70% restriction
咨询AKPK债务管理 / To enroll AKPK Debt Management Program
申请商业贷款 / To apply SME & Business Loan
设计装修 / To design and renovate
保险以及房贷保险 / Insurance Coverage Ratio
物业管理 / Rental Management
报名参加来临线下课 / Register for coming Property Finance Masterclsss
开户口投资产托 / Open Trading Account
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