Kaunas 2022 volunteer register
Do you want to participate implementing the largest cultural project in the history of Kaunas? It does not matter what your age, abilities or knowledge about culture are – we invite you to become a volunteer!

The success of this project depends on how many people will join in creating the good changes in Kaunas and its district. So do join us and see the backstage of this large prestigious project as well as gain new knowledge, skills, connections and experiences!

You can choose whether you would like to contribute to various events or rather participate in one of the six Kaunas 2022 programmes you find interesting. Or maybe you would like to choose a combination of both?

When you fill this questionnaire, you will receive a volunteer newsletter and get emails with information about events and projects that you will be able to join according to your tastes and opportunities.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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