LIFE REFIBRE - wind turbine blades waste management survey
Please, help us by answering this short survey, to create a database on the waste management of wind turbine blades for the recovery of glass fibre and its introduction into asphalt agglomerate.

It will not take more than two minutes and your answers will be very useful for us.

Thank you very much for your help.

For more information about the project, visit or contact us through
Please provide us your information to contact you and provide the results of the project once it is finished.
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How do you manage the blades when they reach their end of life? What technology do you use? *
Do you recover and/or reuse any component from the blades? Which? *
Would you be interested in testing the recycling process designed in LIFE REFIBRE project? *
Would you be interested in replicating our wind turbine blades recycling process in your facilities to recover glass fibres? *
Would you like to be able to participate in R+D+I projects that allow you to improve your facilities? Do you have any idea? *
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Thank you very much for your help
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